~ A Broken Heart ~

I was young, thought I was in love
He was a little older than I
He asked me to marry, I said yes
But even then, I wondered why?

Why had I said yes so soon?
I'd never at all thought it through
But since I'd accepted his proposal
I kept quiet, not sure what to do

The day came when distance parted us
His work and mine were miles apart
This situation relieved me somewhat
But for him, it broke his heart

I really didn't know how deeply he cared
Since I did not love him at all
One day he surprised me a bit
The wedding's arranged, he'd called

I gave him a dozen excuses
Lots of good reasons why not
But I was not honest with him
Didn't say, I don't love you a lot

He had to get back to his job
No time to hang around
So he kissed me bye for now
Said wait for me, I'll be back in town

I blocked it out and told myself
He would forget me in time
Still never revealing my feelings
I never had hoped he'd be mine

Now the big day came
I was certainly on the spot
I had gotten myself in a mess
By just hoping that he forgot

I'd accepted a date with another
To go out to dinner and dance
That very day I got home
He was waiting, said now is our chance

Now Hon, all you have to do
Get dressed and come with me
The preacher's there and waiting
It'll be nice, you'll see

This was sure the wake up call
As I look back with much regret
Because I wasn't honest with him
I'd broken a heart, I'll never forget

Betty Hill 2004

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