~ Broken Hearts - Fallen Tears ~
 A Tribute to those who died on 9-11-2001
Our hearts were broken,
Our tears fell down.
Three buildings in rubble
On ash blown ground!
Four planes discarded
As if yesterday's trashes
10's of thousands of people
Killed in the shocking crashes!
Fires were burning
As if from hell
Rising from the remains
Of those buildings that fell.
So many of God's children
Were taken that horrible day
They are with the Lord now
For they knew His way.
The fourth plane full of heroes
As it was driven down.
They rode the wing-ed angel
Straight into the ground.
No screaming, no panic was heard
That terrible, wondrous day.
For they overpowered the Al-Quieda
And crashed it in Old PA!
Who knows how many more lives
Could have been lost along the way,
Had not the mighty Warriors
Shown courage on that day!!
And Jesus was there with them ALL
Holding each and every hand;
Mercifully leading everyone
Into Heaven's Promised Land!

Lynn King 2004
Dedicated to all whose lives were taken on 9-11-01.
And all those that were left behind to wonder why!!



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