~ Broken  Trust ~

Pain of the heart has no end
when betrayed by a friend
Urging you to share your heart
they'll rip your soul apart...

You keep their secrets concealed
while yours are carelessly revealed
Why do they do these things
knowing the pain it brings...?

These folks, if truth be known
have no life of their own...
Their drab imagination has no fire
they feed off others dreams and desires

Heed what the Elders taught
the wisdom of my friend Red Hawk
Stay on the Red Road as you walk
and careful with whom you talk...

Do not share feelings of the heart
some things you should never impart
Longings should not be shared with another
for they will only spread them further...

Acting like they care is only a ploy
they're playing a game and you're the toy
Revealing your secrets is cruel and unjust
there's nothing worse than a broken trust

You respect and keep their secrets
thinking in turn they'll do the same
but you've fallen victim to their game...
It's broken trust my friends
and in the end...
No one really wins

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

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