When God gave to you His calling
And placed His love into your care,
He entrusted to your keeping
So much for you to share.

He sought your very special heart
With the perceptive gift to see,
The beauty of eternal poems
His messenger to be.

As for the heavenly to be known
Someone must release it all,
To record the wondrous glory
So His life is spread the more.

The pains of life that somehow brought
Each poet knowing of His love,
The Father called for you to publish
For great reward above.

And every word that is unfolding
So freely from their soul,
Such wondrous thoughts from God
You decided should be told.

Thus He chose your depth of heart
To create the beauty that you send,
Dedicated to the sacrificial calling
With perseverance 'til the end.

In all this blessedness you feel
You have known delight within,
And the cost to bring this dream alive
Becomes the brush of angel wing.

So all the many words of hope
Are scattered by those wings of love,
To bless a heart, a card is whispered
From the lips of God above.

Soft Whispers for Cyndi from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006



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