~ Bunny Day! ~

If today is Bunny Day
then what more shall I do
Than just pop on over now
to be with the heart of you

Ah, for that is what I'd really like
the very most of all
To be with my lovely pal
so lovely to my soul

What then, but to do myself
some bunny hops around the bend
Through the pretty fields of green
to be with my special friend

Our giggles, fun will fill the air
as on we bounce together
In heavenly daisy trails
blue skies and sunny weather

To have ourselves the best of Bunny Days
with hugs to you today,
and hugs to you always

Soft bunny hop whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Rose up this morn, to greet the glowing dawn.
And a sweet li'l bunny came hopping along,
with a li'l twitch of his nose to do,
he sat with softest eyes, "Tis words I have for you."
And as he turned to hop from sight,
he leant back to sweetly say',
"Don't fret yourself at all,
'For God has said 'twill be alright."

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Penny Parker, Artist

Composed by ABee Akira Mochizuki (c)Aug.1998

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2007