~ By Leaves Of Green ~

You touched my wings in slumber
And there, by leaves of green,
You beckoned to a secret place,
A place I'd never seen…

You whispered words of wonder,
Though lives we were apart,
Till my senses gulped with hunger,
Each word that filled my heart.

You touched my wings in slumber,
And there, in twilight's dream,
You bid me to come soaring
O'er scented leaves of green…

Your eyes bore through each feather
Till pinioned wings could spread…
And rise up like a Phoenix,
From dreams that once were dead.

But somehow in my waking,
I'd lose you to the dawn,
You glanced just once behind you,
And then my dream was gone…

You touched my wings in slumber,
And there, amid my dream,
The silence roared like thunder,
Forever caught between…

Sharon Frye © 2005

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