~ California Fires ~

Oh, our hearts of love reach out
To each broken heart today
Crying in the devastation
The loss, the hurt, the pain

We stand together with them
On knees of tender prayer
Be all they need, compassion
Lord, wing our comfort there

May assurances of help
Soften sad and shattered dreams
May love within the darkness
The deep sorrow intervene

Mere words cannot convey
Nothing said can be enough
Oh Lord, we lift our prayer to You
To hold them in Your love

Touch each with a special promise
Of peace within the night
Enfold the little grieving ones
In tender loving light

Wrap gifts of secret wonder
Unseen mysteries reveal
Whate'er You have in mind
The love needing to be real

Empower the country, neighborhood
The firemen, gifts of shelter, food
In all that seems so questionable
Give miracles of strength
May love be inexhaustible

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

We were all born here,
for each other
time travelers, moving spirits
breaking each other's hearts
falling into each other's arms
angels on this mission
with this vision.
From the near and very far away
we are mirrors of Unbearable Love
warriors of our Father's undying Love.
~ Priscilla Coolidge ~


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