~ Call On God ~

Oh ! how loud the cry for help
Keeps sounding from a distance
Wars are raging on
Leaving homeless children
In existence

It gets no better with each day
Our help they keep pleading for
There is no resting place for many
They desire to live on America's shore

The terror spreads like wild fire
There's no control at all
Little children roam the streets
their parents gone--
No one to call!

America-- I call on you
Not just the weapons grand
But we know how to pray
And we know who holds our hand

Lets band our prayers together
As we never have before
God will intervene
If there is an opened door

It's not His will that any perish
He's enough love for every soul
But we who are blessed so well
Need to make praying for them
our goal!

He's the only hope for every man
no matter where they live
But He'll only lend a helping hand
When He's been asked to give

So now on bended knee
In the land that's still so free
Let's ask Gods' help for all
He always answers His children's call

Repent--repent, He calls to man
Be sorry for your sin
Lay it all at Jesus feet
So these wars will come to an end!

Betty Hill 2006


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Midi composed and sequenced by Jalal Ali
copyright 2004

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2006