~ Cancer ~

I got some really bad news today,
The doctor called me on the phone.
He said I need to talk to you,
So I went in to see him all alone.

As I sit there in his office,
Thoughts running through my head.
I started shaking and feeling sick,
Was this news, I was going to dread?

Too soon my name was called,
The nurse checked me in.
She took my weight and blood pressure,
With a shadow of a grin.

I sat there for what seemed like hours,
Before he opened the door and walked in.
There was no smile upon his face,
He looked so ragged and thin.

He hit me with the bomb shell,
Yes, the news was bad.
He said I hate to tell you this,
Looking mighty defeated and sad.

You have cancer my friend,
And I don't know what to say.
Why did you not bring,
Someone in with you today?

'How long', I heard myself ask,
'Can I beat it, I need to know.'
But could he see the fear on my face,
Or was I letting it show ?

He said 'it's going to be a battle,
But I think that you can win.
And you're going to get very sick,
You'll want to give up in the end.'

'You'll lose your hair and that's not all,
You'll lose a lot of weight.
You won't have any strength,
If you're willing for chemo, I can set a date.'

As I drew in, everything he said,
I knew I had to fight,
Something told me deep inside,
That I would be alright.

I knew God was speaking,
Straight to my heart,
Telling me, He'd walk me through,
From my side He'd never part.

I knew my Savior was with me,
Right there at my side.
Yes the very same loving Savior,
On the cross who died.

I have no worries or fears,
I don't face this battle alone.
Jesus is right there with me,
As I challenge the unknown.

Brenda D. King 2006

Dedicated to a very Dear & Sweet lady,
Leona Etling, Who is challenging this battle..
I know God is with you and I know
this is a Battle, you are going to WIN :-)
Don't ever give up Sweetie ..


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