~ Can I? ~

I have today...Can I freely give away
My love unto another
For if their heart is hurting
A prayer may help them to recover

Today, can I care in all they suffer
And share a cheery smile
For I have love that I can send
To go the extra mile

Today, can I help carry the burden
Someone has to bear
For God has given me so much
That I can glady share

Today, can I find the sweetest words
To speak into another's heart
For I have known a kindness
A love I can impart

Today, might I tell another soul
How beautiful they are
For in them is heaven's glory
Yes, I will help them laugh

Today I will let God lead me
Steady on life's road
Turning corners gracefully
To help lift another's load

Today and tomorrow, I will live
What I know a friend can be
That will bring them joy
And knowing them, will truly bless the heart of me

Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

With a friend at your side
No road seems too long

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midi.. A Love So Beautiful by M. Bolton
Words & Music By Jeff Lynne & Roy Orbison
Sequence (c) 1998 Crystal Cove Music BMI
1989 EMI April Music EMI Songs Ltd
(c) & Acuff-Rose Music Ltd

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