~ Can You Hear Me God? ~

Can you hear me God?
why is there war?
daddy is fighting
I don't know what for

Mommy feels sad
is always in bed
she never smiles
her eyes are all red

Can you hear me God?
when can daddy come home?
I miss him so much
when I play alone

You know my friend Jimmy
well, his daddy died
Mom said he's in heaven
then started to cry

Can you hear me God?
please make it stop
I want daddy home
and miss him a lot

Daddy always told me
never to fight
to love one another
and do what is right

But now he is fighting
I don't understand
the news is so scary
with blood in the sand

Can you hear me God?
make this war end
please stop the hate
so we can be friends

Can you hear me God?
do other kids cry?
scared like me
their daddy might die

Is it true that some mommies
will have to go too?
who will watch us?
what will we do?

Why are there bombs?
who is to blame?
when I grow up
will it still be the same?

I know you have Angels
mommy said it is true
do they see what is happening?
are they crying too?

Well, I'm kinda tired
so am going to sleep
please Bless the soldiers
and keep all daddy's safe


Rose Marie Streeter 2004

How can we expect a child to understand
what we can't ourselves?

May God Bless our troops and bring them home soon!

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