~ The Carpenter's Child ~

'Twas a day, long, long ago
A child learned to work the wood
His earthly dad passed down this skill
Like any loving father should

With many hours of training
This child learned the family trade
Becoming a master crafter with His hands
Then years later, on wood He was laid

Growing up with a loving family
He played, He laughed, and He cried
Just like us, He lived His life
With mother & dad right by His side

He worked with His earthly father
Gave hugs, and kisses too
His parents looked forward to a future
With their son, though His years would be few

Time passed, and He grew into a man
Then He taught at the Temple Mounts gate
Telling all of such glorious wonders
Warning all to change, or face their fate

That Carpenters child was Jesus
And He was much like you, and me
One baby who had grown up perfect
To give His love, unselfishly

Though His life was brief, He still lives on
In the hearts of the faithful, and meek
We will see Him again in Heaven
If His face, we continue to seek

 Debbie Looney 
Dream World of Inspiration
All rights reserved.

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