~ Cascading Time ~

It will never flow in reverse.
Cascading into a lovely rhyme,
flowing from heaven's window.
Cascading forward, into time.

Time cascading like a waterfall,
then flows out to the sea of life.
Sometimes brings us much joy,
then other times brings us strife.

We waste our precious time, when
we don't leave the past behind.
For, we will never be able to regain,
don't let your life become a grind.

Tomorrow is out of our sight,
it will arrive here, when it's due.
Don't discard your song of today,
the fate of tomorrow, there's no clue.

Count your blessings for this day,
everyone is a treasured gift of love.
Each one, for us to cherish and
sent to us, from our Father above.

While there's storm clouds of pain,
that may bring to us, pangs of sorrow;
remember there'll come a ray of sun,
promising us a brighter tomorrow.

Time and situations forever changing,
sadness sometimes sucking us in.
Swirling us around like a whirlpool,
then gloriously, God frees us again.

Happiness comes in many forms,
bringing cheer to our sad heart.
A songbird singing in the desert,
of God's love that will never depart.

He always sends us a rainbow,
time sooner or later will heal all.
After the storms of our tangled life,
Jesus picks us up, when we fall.

 Joyful Jan


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Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
Brian Doerksen
Sequenced by Rick Mosher
1998 Vineyard Songs

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