Chapter By Chapter

In the deep and darkening gloom
Alone I sit here in this room
My heart is empty, almost still
Life simply gives me no thrill.

To be alone, to have no hope
To be alone, is no joke
To have no future, that I can see
Is this the way life’s meant to be?

Everything I valued lost
No wife or children to mourn my passing
What then is life’s challenge for?
No one to ever come through my door.

To lose my wife, my kids
I seem to be on life’s skids
Slipping slowly deeper and deeper
To bed sit land, I have no keeper.

Is there somebody out there for me?
To sit together beneath a tree?
Or to dally by a brook?
Simply a page in life’s book.

Chapter by chapter life slips by
From cover to cover the story flies
Is there some meaning to this story?
Never again to feel life’s glory?

Ian Campbell-Harris © 2004

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