Dear Santa:

I've been really good all year
My Mom and Dad told me your elves are watching
So, I've been on my best behavior all year long
We needed more decorations and have been shopping

I guess it's too early to see you Santa
But I'll be back here at this mall next week
I must give you my list of things I want, mostly toys
Here is my address, and I promise Christmas Eve I will not peek

My grades at school haven't been that bad
At least I'm passing on my tests
You must be very busy at the North Pole
I know you get lots of letters and requests

I'll leave you a glass of milk and homemade cookies
Please don't forget my address
I'm looking forward to Christmas
With Rudolph leading, you're faster then the pony express

You'll know its my house, because the baby Jesus is under our tree
I kneel every night Santa and say my prayers
God Bless you Santa, and be very careful, OK?
I will dream of you and Jesus, and you'll both take away all my cares


Joyce Ann Geyer 2006
Poet N My Sol

And Jesus answered him, saying,
"It is written, that man shall not live
by bread alone, but by every word of God.
Luke 4:4

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