~ Cheers 2 U ~

Cheers to you my wonderful friend,
All my Love to you I send.
You stand right beside of me,
You are the Best a Friend could be.

How can I ever repay,
All the Love you send my way.
I don't deserve a friend like you,
Look at all I've put you through.

Sometimes I say things I don't mean,
But you never let it cause a scene.
You just look at me and smile,
As you go that extra mile.

This is where true loyalty lies,
Inside a loving Best Friend's eyes..
They overlook our cloudy days,
With their understanding ways.

Good friends are really hard to find,
I have always kept this in mind.
I treasure you far more than gold,
And hope together we grow old.

I'd lay my life down, yes I would,
I'd die for you if I could.
Is that not what Friends are for,
I'd give my life and even more.

What greater gift could I give,
Than to die so you could live.
I know you'd do the same for me,
If that's how God meant for it to be.

So I thank my lucky star above,
That I have Friends like you to love.
And that you can see past the pain,
If at times I seem insane.

I'm not perfect, you know that's true,
You forgive me, as I forgive you
Best Friends know each other so well,
That's what makes this Friendship so swell.

So cheers to you once again,
My Forever and Lifelong Friend.
I love and adore you, yes I do,
And I hope you love and adore me too..

Brenda D King İ 9-8-06

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