Tangled in the blankets
my teddybear and I
tear stained cheeks and bedding
deep sadness in our eyes

T'ween the night and daybreak
his footsteps always heard
threatened with a harshness
n'er to breathe a word

Adult games in the bedroom
his shadow always crept
whiskey breath and laughter
while my mother slept

Cries went on forever
seems nobody heard
wanted love 'n friendship
a lonely little girl

When all alone I promised
things would turn around
always contemplating
a safer, solid ground

For many years I stumbled
yet, determined to be strong
had hope for better 'morrows
as I trudged along

My conscience always speaking
'none of it your fault'
assurance was my teacher
moved forward standing tall

Crossing bridges was difficult
but made me who I am
sorting things out, not easy
true some scars remain

Today, with past behind me
true happiness I find
altho' the hardships, many
it was worth the time

Just outside my window
sun dances 'pon the ground
squirrels waltz and chatter
with such a glorious sound

Birds sing ever softly
atop the maple tree
butterflies a'flutter
for thine eyes to see

The air is clean and balmy
with sky of clearest blue
dragonflies lay nestled
on roses moist with dew

It's such a lovely picture
when daisies rise to dance
I take in all the beauty
thankful for the chance

Healing is in process
'n scars begin to fade
o'er and again I'm grateful
a new life I have made

Childhood dreams remembered
in mind forever etched
casting out all shadows
rebuilding brick by brick

Thank you Lord, my Savior
there's nothing I can't do
You gave me hope, salvation
to start my life anew

Rose Marie Streeter 2006

"He is the light and the way
when life is dark and lonely...
open your heart's door,
and welcome Him in."
~quote by Rose Marie Streeter~

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