~ Child Of My Love ~

Child of my love
You are such a blessing
To come and fill my life
The good Lord sent you
With your beautiful light

Child of my love
Let me hold you in my arms
I will try to keep you from all harm
For the angels up in heaven
Sing of your beautiful heart


Butterflies surround you
And give you peace of mind
I love you my child
In heaven God made you mine

The pretty flowers are like you
And the gardens all around
God made them too,
Though they ne'er make a sound


Child of my love
What did I do to deserve you
I will be with you every day
When you cry with sadness
I will never push you away

Child of my love
I need to give you all I have
I thank Dear Jesus this day
For giving me you
The love that He gave.


Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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Midi "Fairy Gavotte" is used with permission
copyright 2002 Geoff Anderson


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