~ Beautiful Children Of God ~

You are my beautiful children,
Gifts untold,
I watched as you grew,
And your lives unfold,

Each one telling a different tale,
Speaking a different tongue,
Going in opposite directions,
Songs still unsung,

Strength you wear
With honor,
Pride is your middle name,
My beautiful, beautiful children
none of you are the same,
Gifted in so many ways
Learning as
Love drifted in and out,
Some exiting,
Some remain,

Eventually you will find
Another path, another road
You most trod,
Before you close
The book on your lives,
It's the road to heaven
Leading you back to God,

Pray before you venture
Too far away,
Pray for your families,
Morning, noon and at the close of day
The future of your children,
And their children,
With generations to come,
Will be affected
By whatever actions you provide,
Whatever you have chosen to be
Parading by their side,
Their talk will emulate your talk,
As you have,
In a lot of ways,
Emulated me.
Connected by heartstrings
Pulling us in all directions,
Inevitably we must let go,
Watching them
Throughout the byways
As they wander to and fro.

Lock this away,
Write it on your soul
I, your mother, pray daily
God to watch
Over you with each step you take,
Our heavenly father,
Filled with love
Greater than we can imagine,
Never makes a mistake.

I love all of you
With a never-ending love,


Janice Bumbalough Marler 2003



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