~Choices Made~

The day can start out good, is what I seem to find
When the birds sing aloud, their morning song divine
It's all the choices made, as the sun arises high
That will say if it's still good, when comes the night.

Sometimes the timing turns out to be just right
Then other urges, can seem so hard to fight
Should I go home, to cuddle under the covers
Or stay out to enjoy, the company of others.

This should be easily managed, it would always seem
Until the devil in you, tries to come out to be seen
In the eternal fight inside, choosing good or evil
With an angel pulling hard, to keep you from the devil.

It is all of these decisions, that will make up your day
The ones that you choose, or go on hear-say
A good time out, can be so very hard to leave
Even when at home, your love has the greater need.

It is the voice of reason, that the angels seek to sing
While pain and suffering, is what satan always brings
At the time it may seem, like the time of your life
But you better think it through, to be sure you are right.


Gary Salter 2006


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