Today I cried a gentle tear
for the one that I hold dear,

You're in my heart, you're in my soul,
will you be my friend as I grow old?

For life can be so very sad,
If we have lost the love we had.
The heart is a demanding thing....
and it grows best when it can sing,

To just be happy, deep inside,
love truly has to there abide...

And be lifted up on angels wings
to float in clouds, while angels sing..

I will find that cloud someday...
whether I'm at work or play,
Into my heart, slipping silently,
wishes granted will be my key...

To never give it up for lost,
and keep on pushing whatever it costs.
Somehow I know, that someday will bring
your love to me...born on angels wings.


Denise Lanford
copyright 2003
used with permission



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used with permission

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