As I set the fire
You will arrange the bonbons
That you thought to bring
I will sit and listen then
While you chat for ages
To bless the heart of me

Then I will talk to you
While you listen on
To all that I feel
My cabin is so cozy
You will feel at home
Sitting here with me

What delight will be our little visit
As you rest your weary feet
And sip a cup of tea
Breathing in the cabin Christmas
For there is only warmth
Near to the heart of me


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

This Christmas may our Savior
enfold you with His Love;
May He fill your heart
with gladness
and blessings from above.

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midi..The Christmas Song by Mel Torme
Sequenced by Richard Olsen

Brought to you by 2005