~ Christmas Changes ~

Lord, why has Christmas changed so much?
Has everyone forgotten what it really means?
Rushing around, shoving people out of our way,
Christmas has turned us into animals, so it seems.

Stores put decorations out for sale in May
They advertise huge Christmas sales in July,
Everyone hurries in and tramples one another
They are in such a big hurry to buy.

They enjoy the parties and the expensive gifts.
They make lists and ask greedily for more,
They want to have a Holiday Tree
For Christ is not recognized anymore.

Someone complained to Congress
about the White House Christmas Tree,
They are offended by the word Christ
Why! Oh why can't they just see.

Without Christ, there would be no Christmas
The wise men would not have traveled far,
There would be no caroling or baskets of goodies
There would be no Christmas Star.

Don't let them take Christ out of Christmas
The world has enough trouble as it is,
Everyone in the world needs to remember
That the birthday party is His.

Becky Hamisfar 12-5-2005

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