Christmas in the city as the snow softly drifts
Season of Jesus' Birthday human spirits uplift
Shoppers to buy gifts, window decorations adorn
Celebrate the day sweet Jesus was born

Mothers and daughters and friends go out to shop
Don’t forget that special angel upon your treetop
Buying chestnuts for pockets to keep fingers warm
People of all ages singing on corners choirs do form

Charitable contributions coins jingle in the pot
For people less fortunate but gratitude they’ve got
This is the season for Peace, Love and Harmony
We attend parties with people who are carefree

Trees brightly glittering with colored or white lights
A time in the winter season when all try to unite
In Christian behavior say a prayer to our Lord
That all may share a season when Jesus is adored

 Joyce Ann Geyer © 2004

The Spirit of Christmas fills our hearts


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