~ Christmas Day ~

A trillion stars,
Lit that night,
But only one,
Was shining bright.

The Savior was born,
In a manger bed,
With only straw.
To pillow his head.

A great King was born,
And yet no-one knew.
This Christ child would die,
For me and you.

He'd come to save,
The people from sin,
And then He'd return,
Back to Heaven again.

A tradition began,
After his birth.
And people celebrate,
Almost everywhere on earth.

Christmas day comes,
One day each year.
To remind us of Christ,
And His Mission here.

He gave his life,
At Mt. Calvary.
But he gave his life,
For you and me.

So remember the reason,
For Christmas, each Winter season.
Give him all glory, praise His Name,
Glorify our Father, without shame.

So do not take Christ,
And put an X in His way,
It's because of Christ,
We celebrate Christmas Day!!

Merry Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.
Remember Christ is the Reason for this Holiday Season !!

Brenda King 2005

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