~ The Single Mother ~

The single mother weeps,
looking at her sleeping child.
How to tell him Santa Claus
won’t be coming for a while?
How to tell him his only wish
will not be granted this year?
How to break his little heart
how will she dry his tears?
She quietly closed his door,
falling to her knees,
seeking a helping hand,
she prayed, 'Lord hear my pleas.'
Exhausted, she falls into bed,
and when the new day arrives,
she puts on her ragged coat
and goes out for a drive.
Into the nearest town,
determined to succeed.
She’d find a second job
to fill her Christmas need.
The single mother working late
for the love of her dear child,
he’ll have a shiny Christmas morn’,
and the single mother smiled.

A strong and handsome man,
who was once that little boy,
remembers well that Christmas,
with all his brand new toys.
He still can see his mother,
who slaved thru many a night,
so he could have his wish,
“a brand new shiny bike”.
He lovingly strokes her hair,
as she mumbles in her sleep,
he hears her words so clearly,
“I have promises I must keep.”
And then she sighs so softly,
as she sees that heavenly light.
The son, for the love of a mother,
sadly sings a song of goodbye.


 Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2005
Reflections From The Heart
Dedicated to all Single Parents
who struggle to raise their

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