~ Christmas Helpers ~

The children are sleeping,
Tucked in for the night.
Everything is silent,
All is warm, and locked tight.

A tiny noise. What's going on?
I see a whiskery mouse.
Then another, and another,
Do they live in the house ?

With them, is a fairy,
All shining and gold.
She appears to be speaking,
Will they do as they're told?

They bring some small presents,
Place them under the tree,
And climb up the tablecloth,
As swift as can be.

A warm smelling Mince pie,
Is placed in a dish,
They now have a party,
Their best Christmas wish.

They are Santa's small helpers
This feast for their eyes,
They tip the glass, slowly,
In the dish. What a prize.

When they finish, they clean up.
Not a crumb left in sight,
Then they say a short prayer,
And go home for the night.

Amy Hollesley
Christmas  2006

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