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Merry Christmas



Here and There

by Lu Dube and Amy Hollesley

Winter winds blowing cold
Snowflakes falling from the air
Christmas weather, northern USA
Whatís Christmas like over there?

Christmas here is not so cold,
But damp, with chilly breezes,
It makes it nice to be indoors,
With blankets round your knees-es!

Choirs singing, church bells peeling
Mistletoe, and loving wishes
Christmas dinner with all that food
Now, whoís going to do the dishes?

In England, it is much the same,
As you, in the USA,
But Jesus takes a back seat now,
Few celebrate His day.

Yes, my friend, it is so sad
That Christ has been left out
Folks donít seem to understand
What Christmas is about

Yes, I agree, He is the reason,
For lighting Christmas candles.
And for the Angels, pretty star,
Decorated doors and handles.

No matter where we celebrate
Whether here or across the sea
Iím sending you warm wishes
Especially for you, straight from me

Greetings from England follow on,
And join right in with yours.
I pray that God will bless you,
With many Christmas joys.

© 12/03/2003 Lu Dube (USA)
and Amy Hollesley (England)
used with permission


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