~ Every Christmas I Hear Angels Sing ~

Every Christmas I hear angels sing
I go outside and watch the snow
My family join me, silent as the Holy Night
We see the angels as they float

Inside there are cookies for Christmas
Stockings hung in the fireplace
The tree shines with colored lights
All I see is a beautiful sight

A turkey is cooking, what a lovely smell
Yams, mashed potatoes and cranberries
A feast this Christmas
For The Kings of Kings

I hear the angels sing for the Lord Jesus
We pray as a family and sing in chorus
The trees outside wave in the breeze
Outside it is calm and silent
It fills us with peace

Angels, as on that blessed night
Sing, and if you look closely
You can see them in the mist
On a quiet Christmas Eve

To be a part of the love Jesus gives
Is the breath of you, held safely in His hand
It is everything you are, everything you do
The angels singing, tells you still
You are loved forever
By "The great I Am"


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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