Christmas In Iraq
In the desert heat, our soldiers try to sleep
Among bombs beyond the sand
In a forbidden land
Many are tired and weak
To go home would be such a treat
Christmas in Iraq, our men and women struggle on,
Not knowing when the fight will end
When all will come home,
In our arms once again
They face such hardships every day
An enemy in the way
Let us all remember them on Christmas Day
Our brave soldiers who have gone away
If we pray to the one on High
That the angels may sing and play their harp
On Christmas Day in Iraq
Let there be peace on earth
For one and all
But in my heart first,
May I give peace it's true worth
God, please tell me what to do
To care for a land of another rule
If only they could hear the story of love
Told now for 2000 years
Give me the faith to pray, this Christmas day.
I bless every soldier, both day and night
For giving me my freedom at a price
I see the faith of the red, white and blue
To love-
We will always be true.
Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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