~ Christmas In The Kitchen ~

When we awoke this morning
the smell of coffee was in the air
The aroma of eggs and bacon
was floating everywhere
Mom was fixing breakfast
earlier than before
Because she was in a hurry
to get us out the door.

This was the day that she had planned
to make the Christmas treats
And you can bet that there was going to be
a whole lot of sweets.
She'll probably start out with the ginger bread men
and on these a lot of time she will spend.

On her list of pies she has three kinds
mince meat, pumpkin and apple
Of which I wish she would make a lot
so I could have a sample.
I know she'll make some cookies too
of every shape and size
And if I look hard enough at them
some may dance before my eyes.

And if there is time enough left
she'll bake a cake or two
A German chocolate one
and an Angel food will do.
Mom is gonna' be busy today
fixing all these things for us
To make our Christmas a happy one,
she knows it will not be a loss.

And when on Christmas morning
we are gathered 'round the tree
Mom will not be forgotten for in our eyes
the love for her she will see.
And when the gifts have all been opened
and around the table we set
Mom is mentioned in our prayer
she, we cannot forget.

God Bless the hands that prepared the food
and give her joy today
Let her know of the love we have for her,
on this Christmas Day.
And to you whose moms have gone on,
keep the memories of her near
And know that she may be watching over you,
throughout this coming year.

DeVota H.Littrell 2005

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