~ Christmas Letters ~

A is for angels, who proclaimed glory that night
When the Savior came down, to bring us His light.

B  is for bells, that ring loud and clear
Telling out to the world that Christmas is here.

C  is for Christ child we come to adore,
Who brings us His joy when we open the door.

D  is for dear, for that's what you are,
In my heart and my home, you're my special star.

E is for evergreen, as that's what we'll be
As we celebrate in heaven for eternity.

F  is for family we love them so much,
To have close at Christmas and hug a whole bunch.

G  is for glory and all goes to God,
For the suffering He bore, the life that He trod.

H is for hope the truth that we hold,
By loving each other this hope will be told.

I  is for Immanuel, our Savior is come
The night He arrived, new life was begun.

J  is for Jesus, He died for mankind,
Our very best friend, to be yours and mine.

K   is for King as He rules in our heart,
We lovingly worship while walking His path.

L  is for love the message we bring,
The beat of our dance, the carol we sing.

M  is for manger, a cold lonely place,
Where Jesus lay sleeping, a smile on His face.

N is for New year, we celebrate with prayer,
As we give thanks to God for the blessings we share.

O is for offering, small as I am,
I'll give Him my heart to be His loved lamb.

P  is for present that I want to give,
To all that are caring for how I will live.

Q  is for quiet, for I want to choose
A tranquil calm spirit before panic ensues.

R   is for rejoice, O Lord help me see
With Your eyes, beyond, for what is to be.

S  is for surprises, that always will come,
To make of our Christmas so much more fun.

T  is for thankful, then all will be well,
If I praise for my blessings, His goodness to tell.

U is for ultimate, the pinnacle of time,
When Jesus exchanged His life, for yours and for mine.

V  is for victory the peace that He won,
When Christ died on the cross, all we needed was done.

W  is for wonder, Oh my how we gaze,
At such wondrous beauty for all of our days.

X  is for Xmas where they took Christ away,
To make Christmas empty with nothing to say.

Y  is for yuletide this festive season
As we joyfully proclaim Jesus the reason.

Z  is for Zion the future ahead,
Where all will be Christmas and our hearts are led.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission



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