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 ~ Christmas My Love ~

Rest now, my sweet be comfortable
We have a cozy place
Relax at last, enjoy our time
While I arrange the flowers
You watch with gentle grace

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We will be still and listen
For our music on the wind
Sometimes you will softly sing
With you I harmonize
Our hearts are warm within

With the presents at our feet
And softness in the eyes of you
Melting both our hearts
Rest back dear, slowly sip your tea
There's nothing more to do

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Not today, now we can be together
Enjoy the warmth
And listen for all we have to say
Without the words, dream,
And watch the stars return

Aglow, the sky
is full tonight
The night is ours
Rest now, enjoy the fragrance sweet
We'll kiss some more
Just let me go arrange the flowers

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Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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