In a far away time long ago
a young shepherd girl tending her sheep
in the cold winter's snow ...
How could little Madelon's heart know
Soon she would see a miracle grow.

Madelon saw wise men and shepherds from afar
all flowing Bethlehem's Star ...
Celebrating the Birth of God's Son from above
Bringing precious gifts, frankincense, gold, myrrh
and snow white peaceful doves ...

What could a poor shepherd girl bring
to celebrate the birth of the baby King?
She had searched the country side in vain
Her poor little heart so saddened with pain

While the Baby Jesus in Peace slept
outside in the snow Madelon wept
With a cold silence all around
Her poor little tears fell to the snowy ground

Kneeling outside the stable door
Poor little Madelon's tears did pour ...
An Angel happened to pass by
and heard little Madelon's lamented cry

So great was Madelon's love to abide
God's Angel brushed the snow aside
The Angel warmed the soil with Grace
and a Heavenly miracle took place

While Angels heralds sung
from a tender root was sprung
Where Madeline's tears fell in the snow
for each teardrop a rose did grow

With love and joy so sweet ...
Madelon, the little shepherd girl
laid the roses at Baby Jesus' feet
Never was a love so complete

Cherished by God above
there is no greater gift
than the gift of love ...
So was the little shepherd girl's gift

Since that time in December each year
From Madelon's little tears
The Christmas Rose
In our hearts still grows
When planted outside your door
You have invited Christ
into your homes forevermore

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission


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