~ A Christmas Star ~

I see the Christmas star tonight
In the heavens shining bright
I feel the hearts of shepherds, watching o'er their sheep
In the quiet meadows, where little Jesus sleeps

I hear the angels as they sing
Every prayer I offer, my Dear Lord gladly brings
To homes of sad and needy, love for them to see

On Christmas morning, miracles all come to be
As the baby Jesus, awakens from His dreams
Starlight and snow, blessings falling here below
On this Christmas night
Together, let us pray, warm within His light

Peace on earth, with every heart aglow
May we all kiss, beneath the mistletoe
A dream or two, will come to you
I see the snow, I always know
That only good things happen
on each Christmas time
If we watch the star, we see love in our mind

I see a Christmas sta
r, on this very day
I hear the angels sing, as the children play
We have food to eat and cake for a surprise
I love Christmas Day, when I open up my eyes

So thankful are we here, to be forever free
In this land we live, where snow gently falls
and dreams come to be
Let the Christmas star
Come for all this year
May good things happen once again,
For baby Jesus' love, is forever here.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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