~ Christmas Thank You Note ~
I'm wishing I could find the words
To say a sweet thank you
You made my Christmas time
So special...as you do
You gave me lovely gifts
Only from your heart
I feel an eternal blessing
Sent on God's behalf
So take this note from me
And press it to your lips
For it's holding all my thanks
Warm hugs and a kiss
Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005
The best gifts to give:
To your friend, loyalty;
To your enemy, forgiveness;
To a child, a loving example;
To your parents, gratitude and devotion;
To your mate, love and faithfulness;
To all men and women, love, joy and peace.
Oren Arnold

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Arranged and Orchestrated
Copyright 1999 Gene Garretson
Dedicated To Dorothy Morgan

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