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~ Christmas in New York City ~

New York City is a spectacle of display at Christmas
Snow falls on the pine trees
It is a winter wonderland,
In Central Park there are concerts for free,
Times Square has beautiful stores
Where you can see Santa's reindeers
I love all the stories about the first Christmas
Santa comes to talk to the children
Rockefeller Centre has the biggest
Christmas tree of all
Watch the people skate
And do figure-eights, trying not to fall.

Lincoln Centre has the opera
And a lovely water fountain on show,
On Manhattan Island,
You can see the Stature Of Liberty
People running to and fro,
Inside the stores in the children section
There you will find a magic atmosphere,
Beautiful dolls and games
And it is there you can see real reindeer.

There is Santa's little home
With all kinds of toys that move,
Outside go to Central Park and enjoy a sleigh ride
After that make a snowman too,
In New York City, Christmas on the go
Makes you into a child again, I know.

There are so many things to do and see
With the park white with the beauty of the snow
There are stars in your eyes,
I do not want to leave this paradise on earth
It is Christmas in New York City
I cannot say goodbye.

Linda Ann Henry 2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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