~ Christmas ~ Troops Holidays ~

Eight years in, here we still are
With our Troops still off at war
More families, without loved ones
Too many gone, forevermore.

More than fifty-three hundred
We've lost, so far, this time around
How many more, before they all
Are at last, finally homeward bound?

Many hoped, a different Christmas
Is, what would finally come, to be
But, here we are just sending more
To fight a war, across the sea.

One of the longest in our history
How much time, before we're done?
Should we just, resign ourselves
To war, a never-ending one?

Will we always have those in harm's way
Sending our young, to sacrifice
Or someday, a Peaceful Christmas
Now, wouldn't that be, so nice?

Let's not forget the Families serve
In their own, unique way
Trying to make the best of it
With, their loved ones, faraway.

All those great Folks who Serve us
Must be kept in our heart and mind
Especially, during these Holidays
Just because, they are, "That Special Kind".


Del "Abe" Jones

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