~ The Church Bells ~

Early Sunday morning
I hear the church bells ring
Calling to the people
Come and worship the King

Soon the town is up
Awake and on their way
To meet down at the church
Where they can sing and pray

Giving God the Glory
For the way He blesses them
Telling love's old story
To the children once again

We must not neglect
To gather in His house
Bring our praise to Him
With voices raised aloud

Lifting holy hands
To honor our dear Lord
Listening to the preacher
Bring forth the written word

So much we have today
That we should thank Him for
Like this place we have
To worship our dear Lord

Don't forget to pray
While we are in this place
Ask God help us run
So we can win this race

This race we all must run
If we are to see our King
So listen for the church bells
Every time they ring!

Betty Hill 2006


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