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~ Climb A Mountain ~

Climb a mountain side
Drink from a spring along the way
Behold the wonders of our God
It will brighten any day

Climbing brings you close
You can get a better view
Of those little golden nuggets
He has put there just for you


It may be a rare wild flower
Hiding beneath earth's cover
Or another little creature
He wants you to discover

There are so many things
He'd like us to behold
That are very real
not like the rainbows pot of gold

We some times sit in awe
In a dreamy state of mind
Wishing for great wealth
hoping someday we will find


Things like a pretty flower
That blooms just for today
If you do not see it
It will quickly fade away

So let's climb a mountain
It don't have to be so tall
Just so we don't miss
The important things at all


Betty Hill   Nov. 2004


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