~ Close Enough ~

I often wonder what life would have been like
If I never found Jesus, in all my strife
Would I be lost forever, and sulk in my doom,
Be holed up often, and alone in my room?

Would life be a disaster, from sin, I did make
Could I ever recover, from making mistakes?
Without God in my life, would I sink into ruin,
Would I be without merit, my life full of gloom?

I know the answer, and I would not want to be
Lost from my Jesus, without eyes to see
I could never imagine, a life without Him
Feeling estranged, from the love that He gives

I never would be, the person I am
If it wasn't for God, outstretching His hand
To me, a lost sinner, He gave his all
I'm glad He was close enough, to hear me call

I'm grateful He heard me, one dark night
Crying out to Him, when I needed sight
I'm so elated, He loves me, and I will always be free
And He was close enough, to give compassion to me.


Debbie Looney May, 2007


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