~ Christmas Past ~
One by one ornaments,
taken off the tree,
Gently put away,
for the coming year.

Ornaments shining,
in rainbow of colors,
Shimmering angels,
Santa's, bells and drums.

Unfasten gold tinsel,
adorning the tree,
Draping, arranging,
on cardboard sleeves.

Detaching lights,
many endless strings,
Straightening, packing,
among Christmas things.

Angel on top,
lifted, removed,
Wrapped in tissue,
safekeeping resumed.

Tree untrimmed,
ungarnished, forlorn,
Branches unhinged,
laid away to store.

Ornament missed,
silently dangling on cord,
Retrieved from branch,
now there's no more.

Message cross stitched,
in thread on front,
Warm hearted remembrance,

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