Don't feel shut out in the courtyard
you know now you can enter
go right inside His land
and with Him in your heart
He'll bring you through to understand
that there's treasure to be found
moment by moment, see revealed
whatever needs be seen
whatever should be real

Talk it as you go
each morsel of the hurt
place it deep within His heart
cuddle up all warm
Be safe now at His hearth..
God will show Himself
as the source of all the peace
enter in, you'll find
the sad turmoil will cease

Discover here the cross
from the darkness of this night..
Bathe in all the purity
the cleansing of His life
He shed His blood for love
Enter in, the door's now open wide
take your heart within to know
walk into that love..let go, let go
Take hold of all He is
be filled,
the entering now within
is where you'll feel at home


Soft whispers for a dear friend from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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Copyright (c) 2002 Rhesa Siregar,
Paul Gentry and Elton Smith

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