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~ Collections ~

I used to collect turtles, small ones,
that are displayed around my home.
I like to recall where I bought them,
memories of where I would roam.

Some are valuable, some are not,
most are colorful, gleaming bright.
Jewels and spectrums of many colors,
enchanting turtles were my delight.

Now I have started a new collection,
filling my mind and heart.
It comes straight from God, my Father,
and He told me how to start.

Reading the Bible, going to church,
staying on the narrow path.
Do not wander, be so careful,
snares and wrong doing entrap.

Finding this new way of life,
my turtles are not so important.
Collections and things of value,
do not compare with deportment.

God's world may be completely spiritual,
but our best foot forward should be seen.
Striving to become as Jesus was,
Loving, compassionate, not obscene.

Choosing between what is seen, or not,
the choice or decision for better or worse.
I chose God's way and forget the things,
that hinder my progress and my thirst.

He is the One, Almighty and Powerful,
so special and caring in every way.
By touching my life and loving me,
I strive for His perfection as I pray.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 11/29/06

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