A Comanche Spirit Woman By Adoption
Cynthia Ann Parker

In 1836 a young girl became, by adoption,
A spirit woman of The Comanche,
Many songs have been written about her.

Cynthia Ann Parker is someone to be proud of.
She with her husband, Pecos Nocoma, and their children
Quanah, Pecos and Topsannah
Walk along the wolf trail now.
The Last of the Comanche are gone.
All the Great Warriors vanished with them.

The buffalo once in large number
On the prairie where the Indian lived,
Are no longer there.
Cynthia Ann Parker was taken back to her natural family.
She died of grief.

Yet I still remember the painting
On the prairie when she was a young mother
With her husband by her side and Quanah in her arms.
Riding beautiful horses without a care in the world.
That is how I like to remember The Last Comanche Family,
A Spirit Woman
Who only wanted peace in the American Frontier.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Go to the state of Texas.
Walk on the trail the Indian once walked.
If you are quiet you can see a young woman
and her husband riding the plains,
It is a step into the past.

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