~ Come And Be Filled ~

I passed an empty house today
on my way to church
It reminded me of the time
I was so empty, I hurt.

I felt I had not a friend
That no one cared about me
Just like that empty house
There was nothing, in sight you see

Then as my heart was so heavy
I wanted to end all the pain
I took another look at that house
began to stare again

Then deep in my heart I felt,
Something I'd never had
A desire to search for deliverance
I was so tired, of feeling so bad.

My heart began to pray
Not knowing the words I should say
Only asking God to fill me
And take all the pain away

God in His mercy had heard me
He made me over anew
I was no longer empty
And He gave me much I could do

Go search for the empty souls
Tell them what I've done for you
Give them my invitation
To come, and be filled too

Now I walk in joy today
The Savior by my side
no need to ever feel empty again
For Jesus with me abides

Betty Hill 2007


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