~ Come Walk With Me ~
Come, walk with me...
Oh, will you skip along with me,
When days are glad
And the sun is sparkling still
Will you dance with me
When I want to laugh
Eternal joy my life to fill.
Come walk with me....
Will you be glad to meander on
This course of life we share
Seeing all to see
And dreaming as we do
Delighting in the warmth of dawn
Fresh as the morning dew.
Come walk with me....
Stepping the ups and downs
As my friend
As I will walk with you
Wandering through life's doors
Traveling twisty turns, caring as we go
Yet loving all the more.
Come walk with me
With oneness as our goal
As we share God's grace in all we do...
But, on the days we cannot understand
The pain of valleys all unknown
Then we will pray for one another
To the One who knows.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005
“It's wonderful remembering the happiness we've shared…
and it's even more wonderful looking forward to the future with you.”
~ Sangamon ~

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