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Coming Undone ~

Standing in puddles, drowning in tears
caught up in webs of dark yesteryears

Fear, pain, demise, illusion
searching, hoping, praying, confusion

Loneliness strangles, taking my breath
deeper I stumble into the abyss

Love, hate, tears, sorrow
seeking own answers, maybe tomorrow

Memories resurface, some very unkind
can't decipher what's real, just frame of mind

Roots, family, foundation, home
loved ones gone, children now grown

Life, death, future unknown
thinking, wondering, where will I go

A room filled with friends yet so out of place
uncomfortable, frightened, I look at each face

Darkness embraces like some evil curse
shadows bring torment, strip me of worth

Inside I feel empty, heart has no song
aching-dying, where'd I go wrong

Wife, mother, sister, friend
something still missing, no need to pretend

Happy, angry, afraid, sad
could it be I'm totally mad

Shattered, broken, all will is gone
cloudy, gloomy, lost in a storm

Like an old garment, splitting at seams
hurricane forces stealing my dreams

Caught in the seaweed, trying to swim
waters murky, pulling me in

Aloneness forsakes me, can't battle the fight
but maybe tomorrow, I'll see a new light

Maybe, just maybe
I'll see a new light


Rose Marie Streeter

When life seems unfair and depression sets in,
remember to look upward and ask Him to help.
Then and only then, will you see a new light.

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