I have pressed every key I know....
and this computer still "boots" me, tho!
It's on it's last leg, but still struggles on,
to help me send cards
and poetry to some!

It sighs, and it groans with each brand new "send"
the screen freezes up..kicks me offline, and then...
I boot it back up, so I can see
the beautiful words
 friends have sent to me.

Pray for my desk ornament, it's days are now few..
till I must buy another, one that's brand new!
Then won't I be something?, with technology up to par....
I can quickly send messages
to friends near and far...

And to read all my mail wont take me so long...
I'll even have speakers to hear all the songs!!!!
It has been so good, for all these past years...
and to see my friend struggle,
to my eye brings a tear....

So, pray for my computer, it's "memory" is low...
It wants to stay with me...it hates so to go...
It will likely kick me off, just after I "send"...
but it's sending loving wishes
to all of my friends!!!!!!

Denise Lanford
  2003 used with permission



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