~ Computer "SAVE AS" Junkie ~

Someone needs to wean
me away from this screen!
For I'm just about to scream!
My life is a nightmarish dream!

It's true, I'm a computer addicted junkie
I simply must "save as" everything I see!
Some may even wonder, how can this be?
What in the world has come over me?

Like an ol' hunting dog, just one sniff
I can locate any wanted PIC or GIF!
And oh, my, those JPEGs, what a tease...
I'll snag 'em even if I'm on my knees!

AND, the animations, without denying
are the most prized and satisfying!
Totally addicted, I just must save
every single graphic, midi and WAV.

My mouse and me are quick
with that "save as" right click!
There's hardly anything I miss
Heyyy I'm getting good at this!

It's beginning to worry my family
But that doesn't bother little ol' me
Nawww 'cause I'm the "SAVE AS" junkie!
Saving every dang thing I hear or see!

Heyyy am I good at this or what
L@@K at all this neat stuff I got!
I only snag what's free to take
Got tons of stuff my friends make!

I've joined, linked and looped
to so many graphic groups
I can't even remember
But I know I'm a member!

They send Hello, Goodbye and T/Y snags
And they're all right here in my 'puter bags
The groups make 'em and snag 'em
And then ol' junkie me bags 'em!

My documents are quite a pity
They're stuffed with tons of midis
Betcha' though long before dawn
I'll have MORE wavs and midi songs!

I must be totally outta' my mind
"Useless Graphics" is where I spend my time
Their graphics and GIFs are totally FREE
Just Heaven to a "SAVE AS" junkie like me!

Help! Drag me away from this screen
I've become a pure "SAVE AS" fiend!
WAIT! Gotta go back to that last site
cram those graphics in real tight!

Now could there possibly be
a support group for folks like me?
Oh, well, in the mean time
All these graphics are MINE!

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission


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